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Texas Bond Calendar

Looking for upcoming and recent municipal bond issues? Following is a list of tax-exempt and taxable municipal bonds that will be (or recently were) issued in the primary market for Texas.

November 19City of San Antonio (CPS Energy) Remarketing - Mandatory Tender45,000 November 18Carrollton Farmers Branch TX ISD ULT Tax Refunding Bonds (PSF-GTD)23,000 November 17City of Dallas TX GO Refunding and Improv Bonds197,000 November 16Tom Green Co TX Combination Tax and Limited Surplus Revs Certificates of Obligation53,000 November 10Central TX Regional Mobility Authority Revs*375,000 November 10Midland ISD TX ULT Tax Refunding Bonds37,000 November 4Board of Managers Joint Guadalupe Co-City of Seguin Hospital Mortgage Revs119,000 November 3Bastrop TX ISD Refunding Bonds (PSF-GTD)21,000 November 3City of El Paso TX Water and Sewer Revs*55,000 November 3City of Grand Prairie TX (Multiple) (Taxble)84,000 November 3City of San Antonio TX (Multiple)435,000 November 3CPS Energy350,000 November 2Mission Econ Dev Corp TX Revs1,400,000 October 29Harris Co TX Toll Road Senior Lien Revs145,000 October 28Williamson Co TX Limited Tax Refunding Bonds15,000 October 27Bastrop ISD TX Refunding Bonds (PSF-GTD)21,000 October 27Brazosport TX Water Auth Water Supply System Regional Revs30,000 October 27Clint TX ISD ULT Tax Refunding Bonds (PSF-GTD)16,000 October 27Mesquite TX ISD GO ULT (PSF-GTD)74,000 October 26City of Beaumont TX Waterworks and Sewer System Revs32,000 October 26Dallas Co Flood Control District #1 TX ULT Tax Refunding Bonds27,000 October 26Mission Eco Dev Corp TX Revs (Taxable)1,399,000 October 26S/O TX GO (Water Financial Assistance Bonds)222,000 October 21Harris Co TX PIB Road and Flood Control340,000 October 21New Caney ISD TX Unlimited Tax Refunding Bonds (PSF-GTD)11,000 October 20Cypress-Fairbanks ISD (Harris Co TX) Unlimited Tax School Building and Refunding Bonds (PSF-GTD)197,000 October 19JT Guadalupe Co TX Revs119,000 October 19San Marcos Consolidated ISD TX Unlimited Tax Refunding Bonds (Taxable)49,000 October 15Point Isabel Independent School District ULT Ref14,000 October 15Rockwall ISD ULT Ref32,000 October 15TX Pub Fin Auth (Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of TX) GO and Refunding Bonds (Taxable)*442,000 October 14"Irving ISD, TX ULT Sch Bldg Ref"139,000 October 14Harris County Flood Control District75,000 October 14Northwest Independent School District ULT Ref88,000 October 13"Richardson ISD, TX ULT Ref"44,000 October 13Corsicana Independent School District ULT Ref15,000 October 12Texas Dep of Housing and Community Affairs - Single Fam Mortgage Rev (Taxable)*49,000 October 6Harris-Montgomery Co TX MUD Unlimited Tax Refunding GO16,000 October 6TX Water Dev Board Revs*860,000 October 5Mansfield ISD TX (PSF-GTD)46,000 October 5Tarrant Co Cultural Ed Fac Fin Corp Retirement Fac Revs (Barton Creek Senior Living Center)50,000 October 5Wylie ISD TX Unlimited Tax Refunding Bonds (PSF-GTD)20,000 October 1TPFA Cancer Research Center300,000 September 30Board of Regents of the Univ of N TX System Revs221,000 September 29Tarrant Co Cultural Edu Fac Fin Corp Retirement Facility Revs (Barton Creek Senior Living Center)*50,000 September 24Tarrant Co Cultural Ed Fac Fin Corp Retirement Fac (Barton Creek Senior Living Center) Revs50,000 September 22City of Corpus Christi TX Certificates of Obligation and General Improvement Refunding Bonds84,000 September 17City of Celina TX Tax and Waterworks and Sewer System (Limited Pledge) Revs16,000 September 15Clifton Higher Ed Fin Corp Revs (IDEA Public Schools)72,000 September 14TX Trans Commission GO Mobility Fund Refunding Bonds750,000 September 10City of Tyler TX Water and Sewer System Revs21,000 September 10N TX Tollway Auth System First Tier Revs*750,000 September 9City of Austin TX250,000 September 9City of Austin TX (Multiple)317,000 September 9City of Laredo TX (Multiple)36,000 September 7Hidalgo Co TX Bonds54,000 September 3City of San Marcos TX Combination Tax and Rev Certificates of Obligation19,000 September 2Crane Co TX Water District Unlimited Tax Bonds40,000 September 2Lower Colorado River Auth TX Refunding Revs134,000 September 1Port Freeport Senior Lien Revs (AMT)37,000 September 1Seguin ISD TX Unlimited Tax School Building Bonds (PSF-GTD)34,000 August 31City of Harlingen TX Water and Sewer Revs11,000 August 27Port Freeport TX Revs (AMT)12,000 August 26City of Conroe TX Water and Sewer System Revs15,000 August 17Northwest Independent School District70,120 August 10Newark Higher Education Fin Corp (various issues)15,500,000 August 5Crowley Independent School District31,890 August 4Aledo Independent School District48,765 August 4Denton Independent School District170,830 July 30Post Independent School District14,480 July 30Refugio Independent School District13,140 July 29Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District (various issues)36,225 July 29Harris County193,366 July 29Mansfield Independent School District48,530 July 28Rankin Independent School District28,499 July 28San Antonio326,230 July 27Bullard Independent School District47,410 July 23Denton County72,720 July 21Corpus Christi Independent School District100,000 July 21Vega Independent School District16,085 July 20Lewisville35,120 July 20Marshall Independent School District90,000 July 15Clint Independent School District80,000 July 15Manor Independent School District26,365 July 15New Hope Cultural Education Facilities (various taxable and tax-exempt issues)337,655 July 15Northside Independent School District96,485 July 14Comal Independent School District (various issues)143,770 July 14El Paso (various issues)172,780 July 14Montgomery Independent School District245,275 July 14Weatherford41,560 July 9Prarielands Public Facility Corporation (taxable)62,450 July 8Dallas Independent School District75,000 July 8Galveston County Municipal Util Dist No.4364,650 June 30Eanes Independent School District (various issues)75,760 June 30El Paso20,330 June 30Klein Independent School District (various issues)253,405 June 25Klein Independent School District235,915 June 24Arlington Independent School District212,615 June 23Brazosport Water Authority22,650 June 23Edinburg (various issues)18,155 June 22South Texas College District99,025 June 22United Independent School District52,905 June 18Arlington Higher Education Finance Corporation106,090 June 17La Vernia Higher Education Finance Corporation (various taxable and tax-exempt issues)29,285 June 17Lamar Consolidated Independent School District211,585 June 9Baytown (various issues)31,690 June 9Houston Community College System50,000 June 9White Settlement (various issues)13,750 June 3Leander Independent School District (various issues)304,813 June 2Duncanville Independent School District87,965 May 28Odessa55,755 May 27Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District37,350 May 27Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District30,468 May 20Frisco Independent School District145,990 May 19Forney Independent School District145,695 May 18Granbury Independent School District29,400 May 14Bell County (various issues)42,105 May 14Cedar Hill Independent School District11,819 May 14Mesquite (various issues)48,815 May 13Crowley Independent School District (various issues)59,015 May 13Plano167,045 May 13Plano (various issues)89,755 May 6North East Independent School District49,070 May 5Richardson Independent School District25,255 May 5Valwood Improvement Authority13,000 May 5White Settlement Independent School District (various issues)23,593 May 4Mesquite Independent School District (various issues)54,564 April 28Pflugerville48,175 April 27New Braunfels (various issues)36,155 April 27Sunnyvale Independent School District (various issues)23,640 April 22Carrollton42,695 April 22Downtown Redevelopment Authority39,165 April 22Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District30,220 April 22Lewisville Independent School District61,247 April 21Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority26,630 April 21Keller Independent School District116,819 April 21Lubbock28,320 April 20Burleson (various issues)33,955 April 15Willis Independent School District25,765 April 14Allen32,385 April 14Texas Public Finance Authority (various issues)136,105 April 13Ennis Independent School District70,469 April 13Fort Bend County143,000 April 8North Texas Tollway Authority (*)871,265 April 8Texas Public Finance Authority (various issues) (*)141,220 April 8Upper Trinity Regional Water District47,575 April 7Tyler Independent School District76,790 April 7Wylie20,865 April 1Fort Bend County Municipal Utility Dist No. 2542,170 April 1Lubbock (various taxable and tax-exempt issues)230,420 March 31Pearland47,790 March 31Princeton Independent School District19,710 March 31Waco Independent School District97,985 March 30Hays County30,000 March 26San Patricio Municipal Water District20,540 March 26Trinity River Authority of Texas67,900 March 24Corpus Christi (various issues)140,565 March 24Fort Worth Independent School District271,105 March 19Richardson (various issues)54,135 March 18Texas City Independent School District44,745 March 17Little Elm Independent School District10,535 March 16Texas Tech University Board of Regents Rev Fin System246,880 March 11Rockwall Independent School District89,472 March 10Dallas598,580 March 10Dallas (various issues)598,580 March 5Birdville Independent School District (various issues)189,817 March 5Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District109,685 March 4Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District78,130 March 4McKinney Independent School District44,180 March 4Plano Independent School District41,690 March 4Prosper Independent School District155,410 March 3Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District297,920 March 3Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District64,660 February 26Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 16548,480 February 26Tomball Independent School District134,675 February 18University of Texas Board of Regents190,665 February 17Conroe Independent School District111,605 February 17Texarkana Independent School District61,725 February 11McLennan County Junior College District52,010 February 3Del Mar College District23,820 February 3McKinney Community Development Corp24,260 February 3Waco (various issues)90,360

Competitive Issues

Issue DateSite NameAmount
November 19N TX Muni Water District Revs*18,000
November 17Baybrook TX MUD #1 GO ULT13,000
November 17Colony TX (Multiple)24,000
November 16Harris Co TX MUD #287 GO ULT10,000
November 10Fort Bend Co TX MUD #58 GO ULT16,000
November 10Frisco TX ISD GO ULT (PSF-GTD)70,000
November 4Chambers Co TX Impt DT #1 GO ULT12,000
November 4Harris Co TX MUD #500 Revs15,000
October 28Harris Co TX Impt Dist #18 GO ULT (Multiple)38,000
October 27Georgetown TX GO LT11,000
October 26Fort Bend Co TX MUD #134C GO ULT15,000
October 21Montgomery Co TX MUD #113 GO ULT24,000
October 20Denton Co TX Fresh Water Supply GO ULT11,000
October 5Montgomery Co TX MUD #119 GO ULT12,000
September 28Fort Bend Co TX Levee Impt GO ULT20,000
September 24N TX Muni Water District Revs65,000
September 23Collin Co TX MUD #1 GO ULT11,000
September 21Ennis TX Certificates of Obligation10,000
September 15Frisco TX Certificates of Obligation (Taxable)20,000
September 3McCamey TX ISD GO ULT (PSF-GTD)26,000
September 3Sienna Plantation TX MUD #12 GO ULT25,000
August 31Amarillo TX Waterworks and Sewer Revs22,000
August 27McCamey ISD TX GO ULT (PSF-GTD)26,000
August 27N TX Water District Revs (Various)130,000
August 25Harris Co TX Tax Anticipation Notes100,000
August 24Chambers Co TX GO LT20,000
August 6Harris County MUD No. 16525,720
August 4Brazosport Independent School District59,250
July 22Sienna Plantation Levee Improvement District20,440
July 21Liberty Independent School District23,420
July 14La Porte Independent School District75,000
July 13Mont Belvieu12,500
July 13Wylie Independent School District14,105
July 8San Elizario Independent School District28,000
July 7Texas A & M University System Board of Regents67,250
June 30Waxahachie Independent School District75,000
June 24Hamshire Fannett Independent School District19,500
June 23Burleson Independent School District26,415
June 9League City17,425
June 2Garland18,030
May 26"Arlington (various issues, various purposes)"99,000
May 13Denton (various issues)139,805
May 12Georgetown (various issues)29,475
April 28Humble Independent School District (various issues)247,040
April 28Spring Valley Village13,500
April 23North Texas Municipal Water District302,125
April 21Sugar Land16,645
April 21Travis County (various issues)86,575
April 16Sheldon Independent School District16,325
April 14Houston Higher Education Finance Corp77,080
April 9Alvin10,135
April 7Sugar Land (various issues)31,025
March 26Granbury2,500
March 24Coppell18,865
March 17Lockhart17,000
March 2Bryan Independent School District (various issues)87,780
February 25Lovejoy Independent School District23,810
February 24Grand Prairie Independent School District130,005
February 17Aldine Independent School District50,000
February 17San Angelo13,650