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Texas Bond Calendar

Raymond James

Looking for upcoming and recent municipal bond issues? Following is a list of tax-exempt and taxable municipal bonds that will be (or recently were) issued in the primary market for Texas.

April 8North Texas Tollway Authority (*)870,000 April 8Texas Public Finance Authority (various issues) (*)139,325 April 8Wylie23,005 April 7Upper Trinity Regional Water District47,575 April 1Fort Bend County Municipal Utility Dist No. 2542,170 April 1Lewisville20,080 April 1Lubbock (various taxable and tax-exempt issues)230,420 March 31Pearland47,790 March 31Waco Independent School District97,985 March 30Hays County30,000 March 30Mansfield Independent School District74,680 March 26San Patricio Municipal Water District20,540 March 26Trinity River Authority of Texas67,900 March 25Denton Independent School District116,150 March 24Corpus Christi (various issues)140,565 March 24Fort Worth Independent School District271,105 March 24Princeton Independent School District11,690 March 19Richardson (various issues)54,135 March 18Mesquite Independent School District (various issues)75,591 March 18Texas City Independent School District44,745 March 17Clint Independent School District22,660 March 17Little Elm Independent School District10,535 March 16Texas Tech University Board of Regents Rev Fin System246,880 March 11Rockwall Independent School District89,472 March 10Dallas598,580 March 10Dallas (various issues)598,580 March 5Birdville Independent School District (various issues)189,817 March 5Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District109,685 March 4Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District78,130 March 4McKinney Independent School District44,180 March 4Plano Independent School District41,690 March 4Prosper Independent School District155,410 March 3Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District297,920 March 3Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District64,660 February 26Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 16548,480 February 26Tomball Independent School District134,675 February 18University of Texas Board of Regents190,665 February 17Conroe Independent School District111,605 February 17Texarkana Independent School District61,725 February 11McLennan County Junior College District52,010 February 3Del Mar College District23,820 February 3McKinney Community Development Corp24,260 February 3Waco (various issues)90,360 January 27Del Valle Independent School District60,650 January 26Burnet Consolidated Independent School District22,705 January 26McAllen17,435 January 26McAllen Waterworks and Sewer System17,085 January 26Northwest Independent School District93,310 January 22Cinco Southwest Municipal Utility District No. 121,810 January 22Pasadena Independent School District61,815 January 22Texas Transportation Commission - Central Texas Turnpike1,750,000 January 21El Paso County15,815 January 21San Antonio Water System (*)290,275 January 15Corsicana Independent School District49,670 January 13Killeen Independent School District10,215 January 8Grandfalls-Royalty Independent School District12,250 January 8Longview31,180 January 7Comal Independent School District79,745 January 6Keller Independent School District158,895 January 6Texas A&M University System Board of Regents198,865 December 18, 2014Round Rock33,980 December 18, 2014San Angelo Independent School District96,589 December 11, 2014Houston Independent School District85,000 December 10, 2014San Marcos (various tax-exempt and taxable issues)46,485 December 9, 2014Austin (Airport System)275,000 December 9, 2014Harris County-Houston Sports Authority (various tax-exempt and taxable issues)568,910 December 9, 2014Irving Independent School District58,340 December 2, 2014Alvin Independent School District146,910 December 2, 2014Frenship Independent School District37,000 December 2, 2014Katy Independent School District (various issues)139,280 December 2, 2014Schertz/Seguin Local Government Corporation41,450 December 2, 2014Texas Transportation Commission (various issues) (*)1,225,175 December 1, 2014Denton County39,150 November 19, 2014Dallas Area Rapid Transit (*)402,305 November 18, 2014Allen Independent School District (various issues)36,580 November 18, 2014Kermit Independent School District26,154 November 18, 2014North Texas Municipal Water District (*)20,320 November 17, 2014Fort Bend County45,000 November 13, 2014Liberty Hill Independent School District15,717 November 12, 2014Northside Independent School District68,398 November 6, 2014Texas Public Finance Authority Charter School Finance Corporation37,220 November 5, 2014North East Independent School District66,260 November 4, 2014Canadian River Municipal Water Authority (*)42,470 October 27, 2014McLennan County Public Facility Corporation49,845 October 1, 2014Lewisville Independent School District (various issues)153,944 September 22, 2014Texas Public Finance Authority (*) (Windstorm Insurance)500,000 September 3, 2014LaPorte Independent School District110,000 August 27, 2014Northwest Independent School District (*)75,000 August 18, 2014Robinson Independent School District17,585 August 14, 2014Argyle Independent School District34,370 August 14, 2014College Station69,065 August 14, 2014Leakey Independent School District6,795 August 13, 2014Harris County230,000 August 13, 2014Snyder Consolidated Independent School District15,000 August 13, 2014West Harris County Regional Water Authority45,915 August 12, 2014Frisco53,075 August 6, 2014Manor Independent School District111,295 August 4, 2014Dripping Springs Independent School District153,890 July 31, 2014Austin Independent School District143,495 July 31, 2014Falls City Independent School District36,500 July 31, 2014McKinney31,725 July 30, 2014El Paso130,360 July 30, 2014Llano Independent School District33,425 July 29, 2014Gladewater Independent School District35,000 July 24, 2014Dodd City Independent School District3,420 July 24, 2014North Hopkins Independent School District5,000 July 23, 2014Miami Independent School District32,000 July 22, 2014Dimmitt Independent School District8,229 July 21, 2014Electra Independent School District11,980 July 21, 2014Ennis10,080 July 17, 2014Stanton Independent School District33,400 July 15, 2014Sherman Independent School District16,285 July 8, 2014Pleasant Grove Independent School District8,639 July 1, 2014Houston Higher Education Finance Corporation101,155 June 25, 2014Arlington Independent School District163,285 June 24, 2014Forney Independent School District24,939 June 24, 2014Spring Independent School District70,000 June 23, 2014Killeen25,155 June 18, 2014Pine Tree Independent School District8,170 June 9, 2014New Braunfels24,700 June 4, 2014Rankin County Hospital District15,000

Competitive Issues

Issue DateSite NameAmount
March 26Granbury2,500
March 26North Texas Municipal Water District40,280
March 24Coppell18,865
March 17Lockhart17,000
March 2Bryan Independent School District (various issues)87,780
February 25Lovejoy Independent School District23,810
February 24Grand Prairie Independent School District130,005
February 17Aldine Independent School District50,000
February 17San Angelo13,650
January 27Melissa12,285
January 26McAlllen14,910
January 20Garland (various issues)58,855
January 14Brazos River Authority17,440
January 13Klein Independent School District80,000
December 16, 2014Keller (various issues)24,380
November 18, 2014The Colony217,500
November 10, 2014Coppell Recreation Development Corporation31,980
November 5, 2014Frisco Independent School District170,000
October 21, 2014University of Houston Board of Regents46,300
October 16, 2014Temple21,230
October 9, 2014Huntsville Independent School District27,410
October 6, 2014Garland34,290
August 21, 2014Denton27,155
August 21, 2014Horizon Regional Municipal Utility District1,975
August 13, 2014Amarillo Independent School District27,830
August 13, 2014Kirkmont Municipal Utility District2,890
August 13, 2014Woodville2,115
August 12, 2014Barker-Cypress Municipal Utility District2,580
August 12, 2014Bellmead8,500
August 12, 2014Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 15,370
August 11, 2014Polk County1,570
August 7, 2014Pleasanton5,800
August 6, 2014Hamshire-Fannett Independent School District3,235
August 5, 2014Gainesville4,785
August 5, 2014Galveston County Municipal Utility District No. 394,390
August 4, 2014Bellaire10,500
July 30, 2014Harris Co Improvement Dist No. 1855,650
July 29, 2014Farmersville2,185
July 28, 2014Watauga3,500
July 24, 2014Burleson County4,000
July 24, 2014Frisco Economic Development Corporation25,000
July 23, 2014Webster4,665
July 22, 2014Hurst7,355
July 22, 2014Travis County Municipal Utility District No. 163,840
July 21, 2014Flower Mound15,160
July 21, 2014Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 579,730
July 21, 2014Hardin Independent School District9,500
July 21, 2014Hewitt6,835
July 21, 2014Waxahachie9,295
July 17, 2014Slocum Independent School District3,300
July 16, 2014Hartley Independent School District6,275
July 15, 2014Converse4,000
July 15, 2014Denton County Municipal Utility District No. 43,005
July 15, 2014Dickinson Independent School District56,000
July 15, 2014Farmers Branch15,945
July 15, 2014Rowlett4,795
July 14, 2014El Campo2,895
July 14, 2014Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 424,060
July 14, 2014Galveston County Water Control and Improvement Dis4,050
July 14, 2014Mount Vernon Independent School District14,000
July 9, 2014Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 2823,750
July 8, 2014Sedona Lakes Municipal Utility District No. 1 of B3,790
June 26, 2014Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 4053,110
June 25, 2014Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 4685,370
June 25, 2014Navasota Independent School District9,520
June 25, 2014Travis County Municipal Utility District No. 152,190
June 24, 2014Hardin County Water Control and Improvement District No. 11,250
June 24, 2014South Buda Water Control and Improvement District No. 12,130
June 23, 2014Bastrop County9,590
June 23, 2014Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 62,500
June 23, 2014Mont Belvieu13,000
June 19, 2014Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 843,250
June 17, 2014Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 4101,700
June 17, 2014Jefferson County Drainage Dist No. 719,700
June 17, 2014Sinton3,000
June 17, 2014Walnut Creek Special Utility District9,245
June 16, 2014Aransas Pass9,500
June 10, 2014Brazoria County Municipal Utility District No. 266,475
June 10, 2014Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 1873,700
June 9, 2014Jarrell Independent School District8,975