Carroll County

Median Household Income

Median Family Income in the United States - $54,576
Median Family Income in Tennessee - $43,816
Median Family Income in Tennessee - $43,816
Median Family Income in Carroll County, TN - $37,576
Carroll County
2009 U.S. Census data, adjusted for inflation

Cities in Carroll County

AtwoodThe population of Atwood, Tennessee is 1,000
BrucetonThe population of Bruceton, Tennessee is 1,554
ClarksburgThe population of Clarksburg, Tennessee is 285
Hollow RockThe population of Hollow Rock, Tennessee is 963
HuntingdonThe population of Huntingdon, Tennessee is 4,349
McKenzieThe population of McKenzie, Tennessee is 5,295
MclemoresvilleThe population of Mclemoresville, Tennessee is 227
TrezevantThe population of Trezevant, Tennessee is 901
Carroll County Demographics

Population - 29,475

29,475 people live in Carroll, TN (Tennessee)

1.4% of residents in Carroll, TN are Latino 1.4%

87.53% of residents in Carroll, TN are Caucasian 87.5%

9.54% of residents in Carroll, TN are of African descent 9.5%

2000 U.S. Census data
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Carroll Official Contact

County Executive
625 High Street Suite 101
Huntingdon, TN 38344

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