Marion County

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Median Household Income

Median Family Income in the United States - $54,558
Median Family Income in Oregon - $53,077
Median Family Income in Oregon - $53,077
Median Family Income in Marion County, OR - $46,904
Marion County
2009 U.S. Census data, adjusted for inflation

Cities in Marion County

AumsvilleThe population of Aumsville, Oregon is 3,003
AuroraThe population of Aurora, Oregon is 655
BrooksThe population of Brooks, Oregon is 34,677
ButtevilleThe population of Butteville, Oregon is 5,917
DetroitThe population of Detroit, Oregon is 262
DonaldThe population of Donald, Oregon is 608
Four CornersThe population of Four Corners, Oregon is 13,922
GatesThe population of Gates, Oregon is 471
GervaisThe population of Gervais, Oregon is 2,009
HayesvilleThe population of Hayesville, Oregon is 18,222
HubbardThe population of Hubbard, Oregon is 2,483
IdanhaThe population of Idanha, Oregon is 232
JeffersonThe population of Jefferson, Oregon is 2,487
KeizerThe population of Keizer, Oregon is 32,203
Labish VillageThe population of Labish Village, Oregon is 376
MarionThe population of Marion, Oregon is 274
MehamaThe population of Mehama, Oregon is 283
Mount AngelThe population of Mount Angel, Oregon is 3,121
Scotts MillsThe population of Scotts Mills, Oregon is 312
SilvertonThe population of Silverton, Oregon is 7,414
St. PaulThe population of St. Paul, Oregon is 1,584
StaytonThe population of Stayton, Oregon is 6,816
SublimityThe population of Sublimity, Oregon is 2,148
TurnerThe population of Turner, Oregon is 1,199
WoodburnThe population of Woodburn, Oregon is 20,100
Marion County Demographics

Population - 284,834

284,834 people live in Marion, OR (Oregon)

17.2% of residents in Marion, OR are Latino 17.2%

76.51% of residents in Marion, OR are Caucasian 76.5%

1.67% of residents in Marion, OR are of Asian descent 1.7%

1.05% of residents in Marion, OR are Native American 1.1%

2000 U.S. Census data
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Marion Official Contact

Financial Services
220 High St. Ne
Salem, OR 64309

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