Clinton County

Median Household Income

Median Family Income in the United States - $54,592
Median Family Income in Ohio - $49,629
Median Family Income in Ohio - $49,629
Median Family Income in Clinton County, OH - $53,495
Clinton County
2009 U.S. Census data, adjusted for inflation

Cities in Clinton County

BlanchesterThe population of Blanchester, Ohio is 4,220
ClarksvilleThe population of Clarksville, Ohio is 497
MartinsvilleThe population of Martinsville, Ohio is 440
MidlandThe population of Midland, Ohio is 265
New ViennaThe population of New Vienna, Ohio is 1,294
Port WilliamThe population of Port William, Ohio is 258
SabinaThe population of Sabina, Ohio is 2,780
WilmingtonThe population of Wilmington, Ohio is 11,921
Clinton County Demographics

Population - 40,543

40,543 people live in Clinton, OH (Ohio)

95.3% of residents in Clinton, OH are Caucasian 95.3%

2.1% of residents in Clinton, OH are of African descent 2.1%

2000 U.S. Census data
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Clinton Official Contact

County Auditor
46 South Street
Wilmington, OH 45177

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