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Median Household Income

Median Family Income in the United States - $54,561
Median Family Income in New York - $54,289
Median Family Income in New York - $54,289
New York
Median Family Income in Ulster County, NY - $59,769
Ulster County
2009 U.S. Census data, adjusted for inflation

Cities in Ulster County

AccordThe population of Accord, New York is 622
ClintondaleThe population of Clintondale, New York is 1,424
CragsmoorThe population of Cragsmoor, New York is 474
DenningThe population of Denning, New York is 516
East KingstonThe population of East Kingston, New York is 285
EllenvilleThe population of Ellenville, New York is 4,130
EsopusThe population of Esopus, New York is 9,331
GardinerThe population of Gardiner, New York is 5,238
GlascoThe population of Glasco, New York is 1,692
HardenburghThe population of Hardenburgh, New York is 208
High FallsThe population of High Falls, New York is 627
HighlandThe population of Highland, New York is 2,404
HillsideThe population of Hillside, New York is 63,345
HurleyThe population of Hurley, New York is 6,564
KerhonksonThe population of Kerhonkson, New York is 1,732
KingstonThe population of Kingston, New York is 23,456
Lake KatrineThe population of Lake Katrine, New York is 2,396
Lincoln ParkThe population of Lincoln Park, New York is 2,337
LloydThe population of Lloyd, New York is 9,941
MaldenThe population of Malden, New York is 413
MarbletownThe population of Marbletown, New York is 5,854
MarlboroThe population of Marlboro, New York is 2,339
MarlboroughThe population of Marlborough, New York is 8,263
MiltonThe population of Milton, New York is 17,103
NapanochThe population of Napanoch, New York is 1,168
New PaltzThe population of New Paltz, New York is 12,830
OliveThe population of Olive, New York is 4,579
PhoeniciaThe population of Phoenicia, New York is 381
Pine HillThe population of Pine Hill, New York is 308
PlattekillThe population of Plattekill, New York is 9,892
Port EwenThe population of Port Ewen, New York is 3,650
RiftonThe population of Rifton, New York is 501
RosendaleThe population of Rosendale, New York is 6,352
Rosendale VillageThe population of Rosendale Village, New York is 1,374
SaugertiesThe population of Saugerties, New York is 19,868
Saugerties SouthThe population of Saugerties South, New York is 2,285
ShandakenThe population of Shandaken, New York is 3,235
ShawangunkThe population of Shawangunk, New York is 12,022
ShokanThe population of Shokan, New York is 1,252
Stone RidgeThe population of Stone Ridge, New York is 1,173
TillsonThe population of Tillson, New York is 1,709
UlsterThe population of Ulster, New York is 12,544
Walker ValleyThe population of Walker Valley, New York is 758
WallkillThe population of Wallkill, New York is 24,659
WawarsingThe population of Wawarsing, New York is 12,889
West HurleyThe population of West Hurley, New York is 2,105
WoodstockThe population of Woodstock, New York is 6,241
ZenaThe population of Zena, New York is 1,119
Ulster County Demographics

Population - 177,749

177,749 people live in Ulster, NY (New York)

6.1% of residents in Ulster, NY are Latino 6.1%

85.64% of residents in Ulster, NY are Caucasian 85.6%

5.17% of residents in Ulster, NY are of African descent 5.2%

2000 U.S. Census data
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Ulster Official Contact

County Treasurer
P O Box 1800
Kingston, NY 12401

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