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Median Household Income

Median Family Income in the United States - $54,555
Median Family Income in Michigan - $49,719
Median Family Income in Michigan - $49,719
Median Family Income in Oakland County, MI - $67,698
Oakland County
2009 U.S. Census data, adjusted for inflation

Cities in Oakland County

Auburn HillsThe population of Auburn Hills, Michigan is 19,837
BerkleyThe population of Berkley, Michigan is 15,531
Beverly HillsThe population of Beverly Hills, Michigan is 10,437
Bingham FarmsThe population of Bingham Farms, Michigan is 1,030
BirminghamThe population of Birmingham, Michigan is 19,291
BloomfieldThe population of Bloomfield, Michigan is 14,697
Bloomfield HillsThe population of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan is 3,940
Bloomfield TownshipThe population of Bloomfield Township, Michigan is 43,021
BrandonThe population of Brandon, Michigan is 14,765
ClawsonThe population of Clawson, Michigan is 12,732
CommerceThe population of Commerce, Michigan is 34,764
DetroitThe population of Detroit, Michigan is 951,270
FarmingtonThe population of Farmington, Michigan is 10,423
Farmington HillsThe population of Farmington Hills, Michigan is 82,111
FerndaleThe population of Ferndale, Michigan is 22,105
FranklinThe population of Franklin, Michigan is 2,937
GrovelandThe population of Groveland, Michigan is 6,150
Hazel ParkThe population of Hazel Park, Michigan is 18,963
HighlandThe population of Highland, Michigan is 19,169
HollyThe population of Holly, Michigan is 6,135
Huntington WoodsThe population of Huntington Woods, Michigan is 6,151
IndependenceThe population of Independence, Michigan is 32,581
Keego HarborThe population of Keego Harbor, Michigan is 2,769
Lake AngelusThe population of Lake Angelus, Michigan is 18,055
Lake OrionThe population of Lake Orion, Michigan is 2,715
Lathrup VillageThe population of Lathrup Village, Michigan is 4,236
LeonardThe population of Leonard, Michigan is 332
Madison HeightsThe population of Madison Heights, Michigan is 31,101
MilfordThe population of Milford, Michigan is 6,272
NoviThe population of Novi, Michigan is 47,386
Oak ParkThe population of Oak Park, Michigan is 29,793
Orchard Lake VillageThe population of Orchard Lake Village, Michigan is 2,215
OrtonvilleThe population of Ortonville, Michigan is 1,535
OxfordThe population of Oxford, Michigan is 3,540
Pleasant RidgeThe population of Pleasant Ridge, Michigan is 2,594
PontiacThe population of Pontiac, Michigan is 66,337
RochesterThe population of Rochester, Michigan is 10,467
Rochester HillsThe population of Rochester Hills, Michigan is 68,825
Royal OakThe population of Royal Oak, Michigan is 60,062
South LyonThe population of South Lyon, Michigan is 10,036
SouthfieldThe population of Southfield, Michigan is 78,296
Sylvan LakeThe population of Sylvan Lake, Michigan is 1,735
TroyThe population of Troy, Michigan is 80,959
Village of ClarkstonThe population of Village of Clarkston, Michigan is 962
Walled LakeThe population of Walled Lake, Michigan is 6,713
WaterfordThe population of Waterford, Michigan is 73,150
West Bloomfield TownshipThe population of West Bloomfield Township, Michigan is 64,862
WixomThe population of Wixom, Michigan is 13,263
Wolverine LakeThe population of Wolverine Lake, Michigan is 4,415
Oakland County Demographics

Population - 1,194,156

1,194,156 people live in Oakland, MI (Michigan)

2.46% of residents in Oakland, MI are Latino 2.5%

81.4% of residents in Oakland, MI are Caucasian 81.4%

9.92% of residents in Oakland, MI are of African descent 9.9%

4.04% of residents in Oakland, MI are of Asian descent 4%

2000 U.S. Census data
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