Rice County

Median Household Income

Median Family Income in the United States - $54,574
Median Family Income in Kansas - $48,356
Median Family Income in Kansas - $48,356
Median Family Income in Rice County, KS - $47,166
Rice County
2009 U.S. Census data, adjusted for inflation

Cities in Rice County

AldenThe population of Alden, Kansas is 168
BellThe population of Bell, Kansas is 87
BushtonThe population of Bushton, Kansas is 314
ChaseThe population of Chase, Kansas is 490
East WashingtonThe population of East Washington, Kansas is 179
FrederickThe population of Frederick, Kansas is 11
GaltThe population of Galt, Kansas is 51
GeneseoThe population of Geneseo, Kansas is 272
Little RiverThe population of Little River, Kansas is 536
LyonsThe population of Lyons, Kansas is 3,732
RaymondThe population of Raymond, Kansas is 95
SterlingThe population of Sterling, Kansas is 2,642
Rice County Demographics

Population - 10,761

10,761 people live in Rice, KS (Kansas)

5.73% of residents in Rice, KS are Latino 5.7%

91.8% of residents in Rice, KS are Caucasian 91.8%

2000 U.S. Census data
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Rice Official Contact

County Clerk
101 W. Commercial
Lyons, KS 67554

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