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U.S. Demographic Shifts: Millennials Now Comprise One Quarter of Population

Move over, baby boomers, millennials are taking over the country - and not just when it comes to smart phones and social media. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, millennials number… Continue

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Population (2000-2012)

Change since 2000: +13.0%
Hawaii population - 2000-2012

Based on U.S. Census data and estimates

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Transportation - Airports
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Hawaii Finance
Investor Information and Bond Disclosure

Hawaii Investor Relations – State of Hawaii Investor Relations page, containing a calendar of bond sales, financial reports, disclosure materials, and bond ratings

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)

Hawaii Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports – The current Hawaii Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, along with prior reports dating back to fiscal year 2000.

Municipal Bond Releases
Recent and future municipal bond issues
Bond IssuedAmountDate*
Hawaiian Electric Co Dept of Budget and Finance of S/O HI Special Purpose Revs 47,000 Nov 23
S/O HI Airports System Revs (AMT and Non-AMT) 246,000 Nov 2
State of Hawaii GO Bds 747,000 Oct 15
Maui Co HI GO ULT 61,000 Oct 7

* Date provided reflects previously advertised schedule.

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Hawaii Tourism
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