Orange County

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Median Household Income

Median Family Income in the United States - $54,558
Median Family Income in Florida - $49,329
Median Family Income in Florida - $49,329
Median Family Income in Orange County, FL - $50,621
Orange County
2009 U.S. Census data, adjusted for inflation

Cities in Orange County

ApopkaThe population of Apopka, Florida is 26,642
Azalea ParkThe population of Azalea Park, Florida is 11,073
Bay HillThe population of Bay Hill, Florida is 5,177
Bay LakeThe population of Bay Lake, Florida is 23
Belle IsleThe population of Belle Isle, Florida is 5,531
BithloThe population of Bithlo, Florida is 4,626
ChristmasThe population of Christmas, Florida is 1,162
ConwayThe population of Conway, Florida is 14,394
Doctor PhillipsThe population of Doctor Phillips, Florida is 9,548
EatonvilleThe population of Eatonville, Florida is 2,432
EdgewoodThe population of Edgewood, Florida is 1,901
Fairview ShoresThe population of Fairview Shores, Florida is 13,898
GoldenrodThe population of Goldenrod, Florida is 12,871
GothaThe population of Gotha, Florida is 731
Holden HeightsThe population of Holden Heights, Florida is 3,856
Hunters CreekThe population of Hunters Creek, Florida is 9,369
Lake Buena VistaThe population of Lake Buena Vista, Florida is 16
Lake ButterThe population of Lake Butter, Florida is 7,062
Lake HartThe population of Lake Hart, Florida is 557
LockhartThe population of Lockhart, Florida is 12,944
MaitlandThe population of Maitland, Florida is 12,019
Meadow WoodsThe population of Meadow Woods, Florida is 11,286
Oak RidgeThe population of Oak Ridge, Florida is 22,349
OaklandThe population of Oakland, Florida is 936
OcoeeThe population of Ocoee, Florida is 24,391
OrlovistaThe population of Orlovista, Florida is 6,047
Paradise HeightsThe population of Paradise Heights, Florida is 1,310
Pine CastleThe population of Pine Castle, Florida is 8,803
Pine HillsThe population of Pine Hills, Florida is 41,764
Sky LakeThe population of Sky Lake, Florida is 5,651
South ApopkaThe population of South Apopka, Florida is 5,800
SouthchaseThe population of Southchase, Florida is 4,633
TaftThe population of Taft, Florida is 1,938
Tangelo ParkThe population of Tangelo Park, Florida is 2,430
TangerineThe population of Tangerine, Florida is 826
TildenvilleThe population of Tildenville, Florida is 513
Union ParkThe population of Union Park, Florida is 10,191
WedgefieldThe population of Wedgefield, Florida is 2,700
WilliamsburgThe population of Williamsburg, Florida is 6,736
WindermereThe population of Windermere, Florida is 1,897
Winter GardenThe population of Winter Garden, Florida is 14,351
Winter ParkThe population of Winter Park, Florida is 24,090
ZellwoodThe population of Zellwood, Florida is 2,540
Orange County Demographics

Population - 896,344

896,344 people live in Orange, FL (Florida)

18.76% of residents in Orange, FL are Latino 18.8%

57.57% of residents in Orange, FL are Caucasian 57.6%

17.39% of residents in Orange, FL are of African descent 17.4%

3.16% of residents in Orange, FL are of Asian descent 3.2%

2000 U.S. Census data
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Planning Division
Post Office Box 1393
Orlando, FL 32802-1393

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