Litchfield County

Median Household Income

Median Family Income in the United States - $54,586
Median Family Income in Connecticut - $70,143
Median Family Income in Connecticut - $70,143
Median Family Income in Litchfield County, CT - $73,212
Litchfield County
2009 U.S. Census data, adjusted for inflation

Cities in Litchfield County

BarkhamstedThe population of Barkhamsted, Connecticut is 3,494
BethlehemThe population of Bethlehem, Connecticut is 3,422
Bethlehem VillageThe population of Bethlehem Village, Connecticut is 2,022
BridgewaterThe population of Bridgewater, Connecticut is 1,824
CanaanThe population of Canaan, Connecticut is 1,081
ColebrookThe population of Colebrook, Connecticut is 1,471
CornwallThe population of Cornwall, Connecticut is 1,434
GoshenThe population of Goshen, Connecticut is 2,697
HarwintonThe population of Harwinton, Connecticut is 5,283
KentThe population of Kent, Connecticut is 2,858
LitchfieldThe population of Litchfield, Connecticut is 8,316
MorrisThe population of Morris, Connecticut is 2,301
New HartfordThe population of New Hartford, Connecticut is 6,088
New Hartford CenterThe population of New Hartford Center, Connecticut is 1,049
New MilfordThe population of New Milford, Connecticut is 27,121
New PrestonThe population of New Preston, Connecticut is 1,110
NorfolkThe population of Norfolk, Connecticut is 1,660
North CanaanThe population of North Canaan, Connecticut is 3,350
Northwest HarwintonThe population of Northwest Harwinton, Connecticut is 3,242
OakvilleThe population of Oakville, Connecticut is 8,618
PlymouthThe population of Plymouth, Connecticut is 11,634
RoxburyThe population of Roxbury, Connecticut is 2,136
SalisburyThe population of Salisbury, Connecticut is 3,977
SharonThe population of Sharon, Connecticut is 2,968
TerryvilleThe population of Terryville, Connecticut is 5,360
ThomastonThe population of Thomaston, Connecticut is 7,503
TorringtonThe population of Torrington, Connecticut is 35,202
WarrenThe population of Warren, Connecticut is 1,254
WashingtonThe population of Washington, Connecticut is 3,596
WatertownThe population of Watertown, Connecticut is 21,661
WinchesterThe population of Winchester, Connecticut is 10,664
WinstedThe population of Winsted, Connecticut is 7,321
WoodburyThe population of Woodbury, Connecticut is 9,198
Woodbury CenterThe population of Woodbury Center, Connecticut is 1,298
Litchfield County Demographi

Population - 182,193

182,193 people live in Litchfield, CT (Connecticut)

2.14% of residents in Litchfield, CT are Latino 2.1%

94.53% of residents in Litchfield, CT are Caucasian 94.5%

1.24% of residents in Litchfield, CT are of Asian descent 1.2%

2000 U.S. Census data
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