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Median Household Income

Median Family Income in the United States - $54,563
Median Family Income in California - $60,689
Median Family Income in California - $60,689
Median Family Income in Riverside County, CA - $59,626
Riverside County
2009 U.S. Census data, adjusted for inflation

Cities in Riverside County

BanningThe population of Banning, California is 23,562
BeaumontThe population of Beaumont, California is 11,384
Bermuda DunesThe population of Bermuda Dunes, California is 6,229
CabazonThe population of Cabazon, California is 2,229
CalimesaThe population of Calimesa, California is 7,139
Canyon LakeThe population of Canyon Lake, California is 9,952
Cathedral CityThe population of Cathedral City, California is 42,647
Cherry ValleyThe population of Cherry Valley, California is 5,891
CoachellaThe population of Coachella, California is 22,724
CoronaThe population of Corona, California is 124,966
Desert Hot SpringsThe population of Desert Hot Springs, California is 16,582
East HemetThe population of East Hemet, California is 14,823
Glen AvonThe population of Glen Avon, California is 14,853
HemetThe population of Hemet, California is 58,812
HighgroveThe population of Highgrove, California is 3,445
Home GardensThe population of Home Gardens, California is 9,461
HomelandThe population of Homeland, California is 3,710
Idyllwild-Pine CoveThe population of Idyllwild-Pine Cove, California is 3,504
Indian WellsThe population of Indian Wells, California is 3,816
IndioThe population of Indio, California is 49,116
La QuintaThe population of La Quinta, California is 23,694
Lake ElsinoreThe population of Lake Elsinore, California is 28,928
Lakeland VillageThe population of Lakeland Village, California is 5,626
LakeviewThe population of Lakeview, California is 1,619
MeccaThe population of Mecca, California is 5,402
Mira LomaThe population of Mira Loma, California is 17,617
Moreno ValleyThe population of Moreno Valley, California is 142,381
MurrietaThe population of Murrieta, California is 44,282
Murrieta Hot SpringsThe population of Murrieta Hot Springs, California is 2,948
NorcoThe population of Norco, California is 24,157
NuevoThe population of Nuevo, California is 4,135
Palm DesertThe population of Palm Desert, California is 41,155
Palm SpringsThe population of Palm Springs, California is 42,807
PedleyThe population of Pedley, California is 11,207
PerrisThe population of Perris, California is 36,189
Quail ValleyThe population of Quail Valley, California is 1,639
Rancho MirageThe population of Rancho Mirage, California is 13,249
RiversideThe population of Riverside, California is 255,166
RomolandThe population of Romoland, California is 2,764
RubidouxThe population of Rubidoux, California is 29,180
San JacintoThe population of San Jacinto, California is 23,779
Sedco HillsThe population of Sedco Hills, California is 3,078
Sun CityThe population of Sun City, California is 17,773
SunnyslopeThe population of Sunnyslope, California is 4,437
TemeculaThe population of Temecula, California is 57,716
Thousand PalmsThe population of Thousand Palms, California is 5,120
Valle VistaThe population of Valle Vista, California is 10,488
WildomarThe population of Wildomar, California is 14,064
WinchesterThe population of Winchester, California is 2,155
WoodcrestThe population of Woodcrest, California is 8,342
Riverside County Demographic

Population - 1,545,387

1,545,387 people live in Riverside, CA (California)

36.19% of residents in Riverside, CA are Latino 36.2%

50.95% of residents in Riverside, CA are Caucasian 51%

5.97% of residents in Riverside, CA are of African descent 6%

3.44% of residents in Riverside, CA are of Asian descent 3.4%

2000 U.S. Census data
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