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Economic Indicators: Erratic and Uneven Growth among U.S. States

The U.S. economy continues to exhibit mixed trends, although the overall bias is towards positive growth. The recovery is uneven, with pockets of strength and weakness existing in dif… Continue

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Population (2000-2012)

Change since 2000: +10.6%
California population - 2000-2012

Based on U.S. Census data and estimates

Top Cities in California

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California Finance
Investor Information and Bond Disclosure

California Public Finance Division – State of California’s Investor Relations page, containing financial reports, disclosure materials, and ratings information

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)

California Comprehensive Annual Financial Report – The current California Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, along with prior reports dating back to fiscal year 1999.

Municipal Bond Releases
Recent and future municipal bond issues
Bond IssuedAmountDate*
San Diego Co CA Santee SD COPs (BAM)* 25,000 Dec 3
Tustin Comm Fac Dist CA (Tustin Legacy-Retail Center) Special Tax Refunding Bonds 13,000 Dec 2
"Tejon Ranch Pub Fac Fin Auth CA Community Fac District No. 2008-1, 2015 Special Tax Bonds" 15,000 Dec 2
San Diego USD 2016 GO Bonds Dedicated Unlimited Ad Valorem Property Tax Bonds* 100,000 Dec 2
City of Fillmore CA (Tax Allocation Refunding) 38,000 Dec 1
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California Treasury and Debt Adminstration
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California Municipal Bond Conduit Authorities

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