Orange County

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Median Household Income

Median Family Income in the United States - $54,555
Median Family Income in California - $60,680
Median Family Income in California - $60,680
Median Family Income in Orange County, CA - $77,544
Orange County
2009 U.S. Census data, adjusted for inflation

Cities in Orange County

Aliso ViejoThe population of Aliso Viejo, California is 40,166
AnaheimThe population of Anaheim, California is 328,014
BreaThe population of Brea, California is 35,410
Buena ParkThe population of Buena Park, California is 78,282
Costa MesaThe population of Costa Mesa, California is 108,724
Coto De CazaThe population of Coto De Caza, California is 13,057
CypressThe population of Cypress, California is 46,229
Dana PointThe population of Dana Point, California is 35,110
Foothill RanchThe population of Foothill Ranch, California is 10,899
Fountain ValleyThe population of Fountain Valley, California is 54,978
FullertonThe population of Fullerton, California is 126,003
Garden GroveThe population of Garden Grove, California is 165,196
Huntington BeachThe population of Huntington Beach, California is 189,594
IrvineThe population of Irvine, California is 143,072
La HabraThe population of La Habra, California is 58,974
La Habra HeightsThe population of La Habra Heights, California is 5,712
La PalmaThe population of La Palma, California is 15,408
Laguna BeachThe population of Laguna Beach, California is 23,727
Laguna HillsThe population of Laguna Hills, California is 31,178
Laguna NiguelThe population of Laguna Niguel, California is 61,891
Laguna WoodsThe population of Laguna Woods, California is 16,507
Lake ForestThe population of Lake Forest, California is 58,707
Las FloresThe population of Las Flores, California is 5,625
Los AlamitosThe population of Los Alamitos, California is 11,536
Mission ViejoThe population of Mission Viejo, California is 93,102
Newport BeachThe population of Newport Beach, California is 70,032
Newport CoastThe population of Newport Coast, California is 2,671
OrangeThe population of Orange, California is 128,821
PlacentiaThe population of Placentia, California is 46,488
Portola HillsThe population of Portola Hills, California is 6,391
Rancho Santa MargaritaThe population of Rancho Santa Margarita, California is 47,214
RossmoorThe population of Rossmoor, California is 10,298
San ClementeThe population of San Clemente, California is 49,936
San Joaquin HillsThe population of San Joaquin Hills, California is 2,959
San Juan CapistranoThe population of San Juan Capistrano, California is 33,826
Santa AnaThe population of Santa Ana, California is 337,977
Seal BeachThe population of Seal Beach, California is 24,157
StantonThe population of Stanton, California is 37,403
TustinThe population of Tustin, California is 67,504
Tustin FoothillsThe population of Tustin Foothills, California is 24,044
Villa ParkThe population of Villa Park, California is 5,999
WestminsterThe population of Westminster, California is 88,207
Yorba LindaThe population of Yorba Linda, California is 58,918
Orange County Demographics

Population - 2,846,289

2,846,289 people live in Orange, CA (California)

30.79% of residents in Orange, CA are Latino 30.8%

51.14% of residents in Orange, CA are Caucasian 51.1%

1.41% of residents in Orange, CA are of African descent 1.4%

13.49% of residents in Orange, CA are of Asian descent 13.5%

2000 U.S. Census data
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