Pima County

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Median Household Income

Median Family Income in the United States - $54,558
Median Family Income in Arizona - $49,446
Median Family Income in Arizona - $49,446
Median Family Income in Pima County, AZ - $46,748
Pima County
2009 U.S. Census data, adjusted for inflation

Cities in Pima County

AjoThe population of Ajo, Arizona is 3,705
Avra ValleyThe population of Avra Valley, Arizona is 5,038
Casas AdobesThe population of Casas Adobes, Arizona is 54,011
CatalinaThe population of Catalina, Arizona is 7,025
Catalina FoothillsThe population of Catalina Foothills, Arizona is 53,794
Corona De TucsonThe population of Corona De Tucson, Arizona is 6,743
Drexel HeightsThe population of Drexel Heights, Arizona is 23,849
Drexel-AlvernonThe population of Drexel-Alvernon, Arizona is 4,192
East SahuaritaThe population of East Sahuarita, Arizona is 1,419
Flowing WellsThe population of Flowing Wells, Arizona is 15,050
Green ValleyThe population of Green Valley, Arizona is 17,283
LittletownThe population of Littletown, Arizona is 1,010
MaranaThe population of Marana, Arizona is 13,556
Oro ValleyThe population of Oro Valley, Arizona is 29,700
Picture RocksThe population of Picture Rocks, Arizona is 8,139
PisinemoThe population of Pisinemo, Arizona is 6,088
SahuaritaThe population of Sahuarita, Arizona is 3,242
Santa RosaThe population of Santa Rosa, Arizona is 438
SellsThe population of Sells, Arizona is 2,799
South TucsonThe population of South Tucson, Arizona is 5,490
SummitThe population of Summit, Arizona is 3,702
Tanque VerdeThe population of Tanque Verde, Arizona is 16,195
Three PointsThe population of Three Points, Arizona is 5,273
TortolitaThe population of Tortolita, Arizona is 3,740
TucsonThe population of Tucson, Arizona is 486,699
Tucson EstatesThe population of Tucson Estates, Arizona is 9,755
VailThe population of Vail, Arizona is 2,484
Valencia WestThe population of Valencia West, Arizona is 2,380
Pima County Demographics

Population - 843,746

843,746 people live in Pima, AZ (Arizona)

29.38% of residents in Pima, AZ are Latino 29.4%

61.39% of residents in Pima, AZ are Caucasian 61.4%

2.73% of residents in Pima, AZ are of African descent 2.7%

1.94% of residents in Pima, AZ are of Asian descent 1.9%

2.68% of residents in Pima, AZ are Native American 2.7%

2000 U.S. Census data
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Tucson, AZ 85701

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