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Source: National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), Common Core Data 2008-2009

31 Primary Schools in Providence, RI

Alan Shawn Feinstein Elementary At Broad Street
1450 Brd St
Alfred Lima, Sr. Elementary Annex
65 Greenwich St
Alfred Lima, Sr. Elementary School
222 Daboll St
Anthony Carnevale Elementary School
50 Springfield St
Asa Messer Annex
245 Althea St
Asa Messer Elementary School
158 Messer St
Carl G. Lauro Elementary School
99 Kenyon St
Charles Fortes Annex
65 Greenwich St
Charles N. Fortes Academy
234 Daboll St
Charlotte Woods Elementary School
674 Prairie Ave
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School
35 Camp St
Edmund W. Flynn Elementary School
220 Blackstone St
George J. West Elementary School
145 Beauforoute St
Harry Kizirian Elementary School
60 Camden Ave
Highlander Charter School
891 Brd St
Laurel Hill Avenue Annex
240 Laban St
Laurel Hill Avenue School
85 Laurel Hill Ave
Lillian Feinstein Elementary, Sackett Street
159 Sackett St
Mary E. Fogarty Elementary School
199 Oxford St
Paul Cuffee Charter School
459 Promenade St
Pleasant View School
50 Obadiah Brown Rd
Reservoir Avenue School
156 Reservoir Ave
Robert F. Kennedy Elementary School
195 Nelson St
Robert L Bailey Iv, Elementary School
65 Gordon Ave
Sergeant Cornel Young, Jr. Elementary School
674 Prairie Ave
Vartan Gregorian Elementary School
455 Wickenden St
Veazie Street School
211 Veazie St
Webster Avenue School
191 Webster Ave
West Broadway Elementary School
152 Springfield St
William D’abate Elementary School
60 Kossuth St
Windmill Street Elementary School
110 Paul St

Education features

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Do Per-Pupil Expenditures Impact Student Performance?

It is not necessarily true that spending more money on students - based on per-pupil expenditures - translates into smaller class sizes or better student test scores. At least that’s what the numbers from the National Center of Educational Studies suggest. CONTINUE

Which Public School Districts Spent the Most Per Student in 2009-10?

Data from the NCES reveals a wide variance in annual per-pupil expenditures, from $5,528 in the Alpine School District (Utah) to $19,184 in New York City for the 2009-10 school year. CONTINUE

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