Municipal Bond Calendar

Looking for upcoming and recent municipal bond issues? Following is a list of tax-exempt and taxable municipal bonds that will be (or recently were) issued in the primary market.

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Sale DateAmountIssuerState
10/12/201569,000Chattanooga Health Educational and Housing Facility Board (Univ of TN Student Housing Rev Ref Bonds 2015)TN
10/12/201585,000Clark County Highway RevsNV
10/12/201541,000Perris Union HSD (Riverside County CA) GO Bonds Series B (Election of 2012)CA
10/12/201552,000Successor Agency to the Comm DevAgency of the City of Menlo Park - TIF RefCA
10/12/201549,000Texas Dep of Housing and Community Affairs - Single Fam Mortgage Rev (Taxable)*TX
10/13/201510,000Cheltenham Township SDPA
10/13/201515,000Corsicana Independent School District ULT RefTX
10/13/201512,000Lancaster School District CA
10/13/201511,000Phillipsburg-Osceola Area School District GOPA
10/13/201544,000"Richardson ISD, TX ULT Ref"TX
10/13/201533,000Utah Housing Corporation Mortgage Backed SecuritiesUT
10/14/201528,000"Bay County, FL Wtr & Swr Sys Ref Rev"FL
10/14/201527,000"Bulloch Co Dev Auth, Georgia Southern Univ Housing Foundation Proj"GA
10/14/2015439,000Chicago IL Wastewater Revs (Multiple)IL
10/14/201532,000"City of Dublin, OH Special Obligation Rev (Ser 2015A Tax-Exempt) ( Ser 2015B Taxable)"OH
10/14/201513,000"City of Easton, PA GO (Ser A-B Taxable) (Ser C Tax- Exempt)"PA
10/14/201515,000"City of Palm Bay, Sales Tax Ref"FL
10/14/201520,000"Douglas County Libraries, COP"CO
10/14/201575,000Harris County Flood Control DistrictTX
10/14/201554,000"Hartland Consolidated Schools, MI Livingston Co (Taxable)"MI
10/14/2015139,000"Irving ISD, TX ULT Sch Bldg Ref"TX
10/14/201548,000Kentucky Econ Dev Fin Auth - Healthcare Fac Rev (Rosedale Green Proj)KY
10/14/201528,000Lafayette Public Power Authority Electric Rev Ref LA
10/14/201530,000"Minnesota Rural Water Finance Auth, Minneapolis Public Project Construction"MN
10/14/201530,000"New Haven USD (Alameda Co, CA) GO"CA
10/14/201568,000New York City Housing Dev Corp Multi-Fam Housing Rev (Mutliple)*NY
10/14/2015135,000New York State Mortgage Agency (51st Ser Non-AMT)(52nd SerAMT) (53rd Ser Taxable)NY
10/14/201588,000Northwest Independent School District ULT RefTX
10/14/2015176,000SD Health and Edu Fac Auth Rev (Sanford Health)SD
10/14/201567,000"State of MO Health and Edu Fac Auth, Edu Fac Rev (Multiple)"MO
10/14/201510,000Sulphur Springs Union School DistrictCA
10/15/201527,000"City of Tustin, CA CFD No. 14-1, Special Tax Bds"CA
10/15/2015162,000"Coast Community College Dist (Orange Co., CA) GO Ref"CA
10/15/201523,000"Lakeview Local SD, Ohio Classroom Fac & Sch Imp Bds"OH
10/15/2015369,000PA Tpk Commission Subordinate Rev Bds (Ser B-1 Fixed)(Ser B-2 SIFMA)PA
10/15/201518,000PMA Levy and Aid Anticipation NotesWI
10/15/201514,000Point Isabel Independent School District ULT RefTX
10/15/201532,000Rockwall ISD ULT RefTX
10/15/201510,000Sacramento Area Flood Control AgencyCA
10/15/201510,000Spring Grove Borough GOPA
10/15/2015747,000State of Hawaii GO BdsHI
10/15/201554,000State of MI Trunk Line Fund RefMI
10/15/201514,000"Stonegate Village Metropolitan District, Water Enterprise Rev*"CO
10/15/2015442,000TX Pub Fin Auth (Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of TX) GO and Refunding Bonds (Taxable)*TX
10/15/20151,000,000Utility Debt Securitization Auth Restructuring Bds*NY

Competitive Calendar

Sale DateAmountIssuerState
10/13/201522,000Batesville SD #1AR
10/13/201529,000Bismarck SwrND
10/13/2015950,000DASNY Sales Tax Rev (Multiple)*NY
10/13/201510,000Easton GOMD
10/13/20153,000Fox PointWI
10/13/201520,000Independent SD #270 (Hopkins) GOMN
10/13/201512,000Jonesboro SD #1 of Craighead CoAR
10/13/201514,000Kingsport GOTN
10/13/20157,000Libertyville GO (Mutliple)IL
10/13/20153,000Outagamie Cty ULT GOWI
10/13/201520,000Pierce CoWA
10/13/2015230,000State of Florida Ref (Public Education Capital Outlay Bonds)FL
10/13/201524,000Tompkins-Seneca-Tioga RANNY
10/13/201516,000Wolcott GO BANCT
10/14/201510,000Amityville USD TANNY
10/14/201515,000Bainbridge Island Fire Dep ULT GO*WA
10/14/201545,000Fullerton JT UHSD CA
10/14/201528,000Lancaster Swr RevPA
10/14/201522,000Lynnwood UtilityWA
10/14/201546,000Milwaukee Co GO (Multiple)WI
10/14/201514,000Otsego Pub Sch (Taxable)MI
10/14/201514,000"Reg Sch Unit #5 (Durham, Freeport and Pownal)"ME
10/14/2015343,000State of NV GO LT Bds (Multiple)NV
10/14/2015257,000Suffolk Co (Mutliple)NY
10/14/2015390,000Washington Suburban San Dist*MD
10/14/201550,000Wichita Wtr Swr Ser (Multiple)KS
10/15/201516,000Cherry Hill NJ
10/15/201550,000Downey USDCA
10/15/201524,000Maryland-National Cap Park CommMD
10/15/201542,000Sonoma Co Wtr (Multiple) (Taxable)CA
10/15/201510,000Standard School District (Kern County CA) 2015 GO BQ BondsCA

(*) indicates that the link leads directly to this issuer’s investor relations and/or financial page

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