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Gambling on Atlantic City’s Future

The fiscal plight of a high profile local issuer such as Atlantic City has also served to draw attention to New Jersey's deteriorating credit picture. This oceanside resort, as it were, lends itself quite readily to muni credit analysis 101: it is a classic tale of a one-industry town whose sole industry happens to be in a tailspin. Continue

Critical Access Hospitals at a Crossroads

Critical Access Hospitals are facing greater short-term and long-term risks as are the communities they serve and the investors who finance their facilities. As a class, the nation's 1,322 critical access hospitals are themselves on the "critical" list, as are all rural hospitals. Continue

Do Sports Teams and Venues Have a Significant Impact on Local Economies?

The economic benefit of major league sports teams, international mega-events and sport venues has become a particularly contentious public finance issue over the past few decades, according to Robert Baade, Ph.D., Professor of Economics and Business at Lake Forest College, who shares his insights in the following interview. Continue

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In this column, Triet Nguyen, managing partner of Axios Advisors, offers his views on the municipal bond market

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Women in Public Finance: 2014 Annual Conference Chicago, Illinois October 2–October 2, 2014
Smith’s Research & Gradings: High Yield Municipal Bond Conference Greenwich, Connecticut October 2–October 3, 2014
Transforming U.S. Workforce Development Policies for the 21st Century New Brunswick, New Jersey October 15–October 17, 2014
Nation Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials: 2014 National Conference and Exposition Baltimore, Maryland October 16–October 18, 2014
National Council of State Housing Agencies: 2014 Annual Conference Boston, Massachusetts October 18–October 21, 2014

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