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  • Brookings Institution - Washington DC-based think tank with focus on foreign policy and the global economy; its Metropolitan Policy Program examines economics, demographics, and other public policy matters with municipal relevance.
  • Goldwater Institute - Goldwater Institute - Arizona think tank with a focus on the state economy and legislation, education and civil liberties
  • Heartland Institute - Heartland Institute - Think tank that advocates privatization, deregulation, property rights, free markets and educational choice
  • National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education - Conducts independent research and analyses of policy issues and performance results regarding achievement in higher education.
  • Public Policy Institute of California - Public Policy Institute of California - Think tank with a focus on the California economy, public finance and education policy issues
  • Reason Foundation - Reason Foundation - Think tank that provides research on privatization, government reform, infrastructure and transportation and other public policy issues

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Prison population has dropped in 29 states over the past five years, according to a Pew Public Safety Performance Project update. Cost savings, strong public support for change, and alternatives to prison are among the factors driving this trend.… Continue

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