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Trends in Urban Development: Planning Ideas in the New Millennium

town center
urban town center

Urban planning trends change with the times. In a recent interview with MuniNetGuide, Stephen B. Friedman, President of SB Friedman Development Advisors, shared his insights about trends in urban development - from placemaking to public-private partnerships and infill development in central cities - and the factors that impact them.… Continue

Reducing Risk to Payment of State and Local Government Debt Obligations, Statutory Liens from Rhode Island to California SB222

SB 222
statutory liens

Government finance officers readily will admit that they consider assuring access to the capital markets at a low cost as part of their duties to their respective governmental bodies. The interest rates or the cost of borrowing is viewed generally as a reflection of the perceived risk in repayment of the debt. Recent history has shown that, when perception of risk of repayment is high, so is the annual interest rate or annual yield.… Continue

U.S. Demographic Shifts: Millennials Now Comprise One Quarter of Population

demographic shift
population shift

Move over, baby boomers, millennials are taking over the country - and not just when it comes to smart phones and social media. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, millennials number 83.1 million, exceeding the size of the 75.4 million baby boomer population. The Census Bureau also reports that the U.S. population is becoming increasingly diverse.… Continue

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