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PREPA Gets a Reprieve While Detroit Strong-Arms Its Utility Bondholders

Detroit Water and Sewer
Detroit, MI
Detroit bonds
Puerto Rico

This may be as good as the muni market will get for the rest of the year. That’s the first reality we all have to face. Holders of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) debt have also been getting a painful dose of reality ... the City’s prior attempt to restructure the terms of the outstanding revenue debt has run into stiff (and justifiable) resistance from its utility bondholders.… Continue

Critical Access Hospitals at a Crossroads

critical access hospitals
rural hospitals

Critical Access Hospitals are facing greater short-term and long-term risks as are the communities they serve and the investors who finance their facilities. As a class, the nation’s 1,322 critical access hospitals are themselves on the “critical” list, as are all rural hospitals.… Continue

Rhode Island Follows New Jersey with Controversial Tobacco Issue

Rhode Island Tobacco Settlement

On the new issue front, the deal of the week is without question the $607 million tobacco bond issue from the State of Rhode Island’s Tobacco Settlement Financing Corporation. The component of the transaction that brought to mind last April’s New Jersey tobacco deal is the fact that the State offered to buy out some of the Series 2007 bonds ... Might this be another bailout of the bondholders at the expense of taxpayers?… Continue

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