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American Recovery & Reinvestment
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Tobacco Bonds and Fiscal Gimmickry

tobacco bonds

Since we last wrote about tobacco bonds, just about a year ago, the threat to traditional cigarette sales from alternative delivery devices such as e-cigarettes has gone from “potential” to “very real.” This matters greatly to tobacco bondholders, of course, because these devices are not included in the MSA and may further accelerate the ongoing decline in cigarette sales.… Continue

Bond Insurers’ Breakthough Settlement in Detroit

Detroit bankruptcy

Having outperformed Treasuries over the last two weeks, the municipal bond market is in a state of limbo currently, as cross-market valuations are no longer compelling. A modest backup in yields may actually be a welcome development at this point.… Continue

Can a TV Show Impact a City’s Economy?

Ryman Auditorium
Bridgestone Arena

In the broadest sense, cities that provide the landscape for a television series - or a movie - benefit in both tangible and intangible ways. The increased publicity for and awareness of a city - particularly if portrayed in a positive light - often lead to concrete benefits such as increased tourism, greater economic development opportunities, and perhaps even an influx of residents. Other tangible economic rewards come as a result of on-location filming and production.… Continue

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