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American Recovery & Reinvestment
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Assessing the Credit Quality of America’s Cities - Part Five: The Bottom Line

City Credit Quality

Due to its lack of accounting for infrastructure assets and all long-term debt and liabilities, including pensions, general fund analysis has limited utility when analyzing municipal financial health. By incorporating the government-wide, net position concept introduced by the GASB’s Accounting Statement Rule 34 into their research, stakeholders can help investors, taxpayers, and government leaders better identify negative trends before they become financial crises.… Continue

Assessing the Credit Quality of America’s Cities - Part Four: FY 2014 Financial Condition

city financial condition
city finances
general fund

The most basic sign that a government is living within its means is that it balances its books at the end of the year. Traditionally, most city officials, experts and observers of state and local government focus primarily on the general fund, usually a government’s largest discretionary fund for day-to-day operations, to make this assessment.… Continue

Economic Indicators: Erratic and Uneven Growth among U.S. States

economic indicators

The U.S. economy continues to exhibit mixed trends, although the overall bias is towards positive growth. The recovery is uneven, with pockets of strength and weakness existing in different geographic regions and various states.Not surprisingly, states that generally perform well have diversified economies which include industries such as government, healthcare, military and technology.… Continue

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