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Chapter 9 and Alternatives - Part One: Lessons Learned: An Update on the Municipal Bankruptcy Experience

The state legislatures, in considering how best to assist local governments facing financial challenges or economic distress, may find instructive how other states have addressed these problems and the alternatives and opportunities available in the form of legislation including authorization to file for Chapter 9, municipal bankruptcy Continue

Are Public Libraries Still Relevant in American Communities?

As patrons’ habits have changed, public libraries have evolved, retaining their role as an important community resource, offering an increasing variety of materials, services and programs to residents. Despite significant changes driven primarily by technology, libraries remain relevant fixtures in American infrastructure. Continue

Assessing the Credit Quality of America’s Cities - Part Three: Long-Term Liabilities beyond Pensions

In the third part of our series on city credit quality, we examine other liabilities besides pensions that pose a threat to the fiscal health of U.S. cities. Bonded indebtedness, other post-employment benefits (OPEB), derivatives and deferred infrastructure replacement can also result in a budget squeeze. Continue

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In this column, Triet Nguyen, managing partner of NewOak Capital, offers his views on the municipal bond market

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Conference Name Location Date
National Association of Chief Information Officers: 2015 Midyear Conference Alexandria, Virginia April 26–April 29, 2015
Government Performance Summit 2015 Washington, DC May 4–May 5, 2015
National Federation of Municipal Analysts: 32nd Annual Conference Las Vegas, Nevada May 12–May 15, 2015
Government Finance Officers Association 109th Annual Conference Philadelphia, Pennsylvania May 31–June 3, 2015
International Economic Development Council: 2015 Economic Future Forum Madison, Wisconsin June 7–June 9, 2015
Center for State and Local Government Excellence: Retirement Security Summit: The Evolving Social Contract Washington, DC June 9–June 9, 2015
2015 Policy Summit on Housing, Human Capital, and Inequality Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania June 18–June 19, 2015

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